Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Keep Track of Breast Cancer News and Research

Breast cancer is in the news just about every day. Stories trickle in from press releases, medical conferences and published research papers. Headlines flash on Google, Twitter and various websites all day long. How do you keep track of all of these developments? What if you want to refer to something later? What if you miss something important?

At, we read news reports and medical journals every day. We not only share the latest developments as they appear, we organize and store them for you. We can even personalize your research. You don't have to take notes, print stories or keep files. Everything you need can be found in three places.

For daily news highlights: The Breast Cancer News Update

Every weekday we highlight the latest breast cancer headlines here in our Breast Cancer News Daily Update. It's a place to check in to see the most recent breast cancer news all in one place. Think of it as a daily paper.

For 2 years of breast cancer news and research organized by topic: The website

We don't just read news and research. We code it, sort it and store it by treatment option for easy future reference. Basically we "clip" a link to the story and "file" it by test or treatment option.

For example, let's say you are interested in the aromatase inhibitor Arimidex. To see all the latest news and research, just visit the Arimidex (anastrozole) page of the website.

Under the News tab, you'll see 5 pages of news stories about Arimidex, organized in reverse chronological order. Over the last two months, you'll see a Washington University in St. Louis news report about how neoadjuvant Arimidex therapy reduces mastectomy rates, a video about the effect of body mass index on Arimidex therapy and a Reuters report on how co-pay amounts affect aromatase inhibitor use. There's a press release about a new study of entinostat and Arimidex for triple negative cancer and a story of how Zometa plus Arimidex reduces breast cancer recurrence rates.

Under the Medical Journal Abstracts tab, you'll find 10 pages of research paper abstracts about Arimidex. Often, you'll find the study that relates to a recent news item. For example, there's a link to the May 9, 2011 Journal of Clinical Oncology abstract about the effect of body mass index on Arimidex therapy.

In addition to news and research, you'll find several overviews of Arimidex under the Descriptions tab and the FDA product label under the FDA tab.

For personalized news and research: News and Journals for subscribers

Everything mentioned above is free on our website. Subscribers who create a personal profile have two additional benefits.

First, the test and treatment options and news and research are filtered so subscribers only see what's applicable to them. For example, if you will only see Arimidex as a treatment option if your cancer is hormone-receptor positive. If your cancer is early-stage, you will only see news and research relevant to early-stage cancer. Instead of 10 pages of research abstracts, you may see only one or two.

Also, subscribers have access to the News and Journals tab of our website, where information may be sorted by date and treatment category. For example, in the News and Journals section, you may search for all surgery news in the last month for patients with your diagnosis. For more on how to use the site as a subscriber, please visit our Quick Start Guide.

Our goal is to sort and store breast cancer news and research so you don't have to. We always welcome comments and suggestions. Please let us know what we can do to make breast cancer research easier for you.

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