Friday, August 26, 2011

The New Breast Cancer News Blog

Variety is the spice of life. Over the next few weeks, we're going to experiment with some different approaches to our breast cancer news blog. We'd love your input.

What we do now

At, we read breast cancer research journals and news reports every day. We share what we learn in two ways.

The website

First, we add links to latest news and research to our database and website - The links are sorted by breast cancer test or treatment option. You may explore the latest research on any option under the Treatments tab.

For example, the tamoxifen page of our website has links to medical journal abstracts, news reports, general descriptions and FDA information, all in reverse chronological order. Every time we find a new study on tamoxifen, a link is added to the page.

The blog

We use this blog to highlight some of the news and research we add to the website. Until now, the blog discussed the latest developments on an almost daily basis. It was akin to a daily newspaper. We are starting to wonder if this is the most efficient (or interesting) way to share the news.

What we plan to do over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks, we are going to try a variety of formats for the news blog. We'll continue to highlight the latest developments. However, instead of a daily run-down of headlines, we'll sort the data to present it in a more meaningful way.

Future news blogs will be sorted by topic, such as complementary therapies or side-effects, and by patient, with blogs for the newly-diagnosed, triple-negative or metastatic patients.

Don't worry, we'll continue to share media headlines. Our plans include -

News Alerts - Important studies making headlines. Issues you may want to discuss with your doctor now.

Buzzworthy - A weekly round-up of studies that garnered media attention. (Note, the studies that generate headlines are not always clinically relevant now. Some interesting discoveries are made in biology labs or animal studies. These will not make a difference in humans for some time.)

We're also going to share research you may not hear from other sources. Topics will include -

Under the Radar - Important studies that did not make headlines, but may make a difference in your treatment decisions.

The Cutting Edge - News and research on fresh, new options, available now.

Up-and-Coming - News and research on options not currently available, but making progress in clinical trials.

How you can help

We want this news blog to be interesting and meaningful. To be our best, we need your input and feedback. As we experiment with new styles, please let us know what works and what doesn't. If there's something you'd like to see, we'd love to hear about it. If you miss the daily news update, we want to know that too.

To share your feedback, please leave a comment, send an email, make a comment on our Facebook page or send us a tweet (@ann_latestbc).

The new blog will start this week. We're looking forward to keeping you posted.

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