Friday, April 22, 2011

News for Everyone: April News for Women Who Have Completed Treatment really does have something for everyone. You don't have to be a current patient to benefit from the information on our site. Women who have never had cancer, who may or may not be high-risk, can find information about risk and preventative measures. Women who have completed treatment can find information about maintaining their health and lowering odds of recurrence. Today's blog features news for those who have completed treatment.

Fatigue is a common concern among women who have completed treatment. On the Exercise page our our site, you'll find links to news stories about how fatigue is real, and may be caused by a nervous system imbalance. You'll also see stories about using exercise to get your body back after treatment.

This month, there's also news about nutrition and diet after treatment. A Sydney Morning Herald story about the benefits of fish oil can be found on our Omega 3 Fatty Acid page. Soy was also in the news this month. The Los Angeles Times and Consumer Reports both ran stories about consuming Soy after treatment.

Also, on our Screening Mammography page, you'll find a recent Clinical Advisor story about the accuracy of screening mammography after treatment.

At LATESTBreastCancer, we will continue to follow news for everyone, including those who have completed treatment. We welcome feedback and suggestions about the topics that interest you most.

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