Monday, April 18, 2011

First Post!

On Friday, we launched our first Web site: Congratulations to the dedicated and massively talented group of people at LATEST Medical who got us here. I want to use the first paragraph of the first blog post to thank them: Jeff Moore, Janet Smith, Kevin Li, Kate Gordeeva, Ann Begun, Joan Venticinque, Susie Brain, Lauren Pecorino, Kurt Taylor and Lii Yun Yang. Read about the people who created the site on our Team page

The second order of business for this first post is to introduce the site itself.

LATESTBreastCancer really is the first Web site that gives patients personalized information about their treatment. It helps them generate insightful and timely questions for their medical team about new information that could impact their care. Its purpose is to create extremely information-empowered patients.

Here's how the site works: Patients (users) create a medical profile based on their diagnosis. This profile enables the site to identify relevant treatment options and highlight important new information for topics all along the treatment continuum: from imaging technologies to diagnostic tests, procedures including radiation therapy and surgeries, drugs, chemotherapies and complementary therapies.

To deliver this level of personalized information, our staff reviews and indexes existing Web content daily. We reorganize it in the LATESTBreastCancer database so that it can be searched in a much more precise way than information can be searched on the Web. A clearer description of "how the site works" can be found here.

So, in essence, we track the field of breast cancer care comprehensively so that each newly diagnosed breast cancer patient doesn't have to spend hours, days or weeks screening, parsing and synthesizing Web content on their own. They still have to do research. But they'll be doing it much more efficiently and methodically. And they'll have the peace of mind at the end of the process of knowing that they haven't missed key information.

You can find more information in our press release of 4/15/2011 and on our About Us page.

Regarding this blog, over the next week or two I'll be talking more about the LATESTBreastCancer site with an emphasis on how to get the most out of it. Then I want to transition this blog to be more about breast cancer treatment itself. Of course, we'll keep the agenda flexible. But that's the plan.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas either on this blog or through the site. You can always use We're excited to be embarking on this journey and look forward to hearing from you. Until tomorrow...

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