Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Using LATESTBreastCancer's Treatment section as a subscriber

Yesterday I described the Treatment section of LATESTBreastCancer. In a nutshell, it's set up as lists of treatments organized into categories and subcategories. Today I'll describe the advantages of being a subscriber when you're navigating the Treatments section. Based on their medical profile, subscribers see a more organized and distilled view of the Treatments section compared to non-subscriber visitors.

Here are the subscriber advantages:

1. Treatments are personalized. Subscribers only view treatment options that are relevant to them. So, for example, a postmenopausal patient with a hormone receptor positive tumor will view a list of hormonal drugs that are appropriate for postmenopausal women. A patient whose tumor is hormone receptor negative will not see any hormonal drugs. A non-subscriber will see everything regardless of whether it is relevant to their diagnosis or not.

2. Relevant treatments are organized under tabs
. Rather than seeing one long list, for subscribers drugs are organized under tabs corresponding to frequency of use. The first tab includes drugs most commonly used. The second tab includes drugs that are available because they are FDA approved, but which are less commonly used or are accessible through a clinical trial. The third tab includes drugs that are not yet FDA approved and so can only be accessed via a clinical trial. Subscribers take advantage of this "most common to least common" tabbing for other treatment options as well.

3. Links are personalized.
Information filtering goes beyond treatment options. It also impacts the Web links a user sees on treatment pages. Using the previous example, there will be many news and medical journal article links on the pages for common hormonal drugs like tamoxifen or Arimidex. But a subscriber with early stage disease will only see information related to the use of these drugs for treating early stage. The objective is to focus the user on the information relevant to them.

Finally, we know that at times it's nice to see everything. So we enable subscribers to see everything with a click of a button. On any page in the Treatments section, to view everything click the All Options button. Go back to a personalized view by clicking My Options. It's that simple.

Bottom line: Subscribers get a personalized and more organized view of Treatments that points them in the right direction and eliminates the task of screening the information themselves.

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