Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Breast Cancer Daily Update: May 3

Today, there were three news items of note and some announcements from the research world.

First, the news.

There's been a lot of confusion about the safety of hormone replacement therapy lately. Today, the Los Angeles Times published an interview with an expert in the field. He talks about breast cancer risk factors and age considerations.

On its website, Cure Today ran two Reuters stories about breast cancer. The first revealed that breast implants affect breast cancer screening, but not prognosis. The second covered a recent study about the association between serum Vitamin D levels and tumor aggression. The study had been covered by several other sources last week, with a focus on the importance of monitoring Vitamin D levels in current patients. Today's story went further to address implications for Vitamin D levels in healthy women. (All stories can be found on the news tab of the LATESTBreastcancer.com Vitamin D page.)

In the research world, Medical News Today published initial findings from a trial of the SAVI Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation device, and news about early enrollment in a Phase II trial of eniluricil for metastatic patients.

There was some excitement across the pond, where according to the UK Daily Mail, researchers compared the discovery of three new breast cancer genes to "finding gold in Trafalgar Square." New drugs from the discovery may still be five years away.

We'll continue to post links to the latest breast cancer news every day. On Friday, we'll also highlight the new breast cancer research developments we discovered in medical publications this week. Stay tuned!

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