Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Breast Cancer News Update: May 16

I discovered a great new source for breast cancer news this weekend - When an important study makes news, the site publishes the story and a short video with a real person. Easy to understand slides explain the highlights. The stories are meant for doctors and cover every health topic. I'll keep my eye out for breast cancer news. I'll add links on the appropriate pages on our site, and highlight new developments here.

Today, we added two great videos to the website.

The first was about how a patient's weight affects the benefits of anastrozole (brand name Arimidex). The second was a nice summary of the factors affecting the decision to have genetic testing for breast cancer risk.

In other news, we all know family medical history is part of clinical evaluation. According to US News and World Report, only about 61% of patient reports about family history of breast cancer were accurate. Only 27% of reports of family history of colorectal cancer and 32% of family history of prostate cancer were accurate. Researchers concluded that developing "systemic ways to enhance family history ascertainment should be a research priority."

In imaging news, a recent study found that lowering radiation doses during molecular breast imaging did not have a substantial impact on image quality. Although the test was early, results suggest that it may be possible to lower radiation exposure by 60%.

In treatment news, published an analysis of a recent study which compared recurrence rates for DCIS patients treated with surgery alone to those treated with surgery plus radiation.

Finally, from the biology labs, researchers report that cancer cells act like "cheaters on a diet." When deprived of sugar and oxygen, instead of dying, they turn to fatty acids for energy. This discovery could lead to future new treatments.

Don't worry about keeping track of all this news. All of these stories will appear on the relevant treatment pages of the website. Our goal is to make the latest news and reseach available in a clear, organized way. Stay tuned!

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