Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Breast Cancer News Update: May 25

Today's breast cancer news is all about surgery.

"Modest" delay before surgery is not associated with tumor growth

A new study suggests that a "modest" delay before breast cancer surgery is not associated with tumor size progression in clinically node-negative patients. The authors concluded that patients may "undergo preoperative work-up without significant disease progression." According to a quote from one of the MD Anderson researchers in Reuters, although "rapid treatment is desirable," taking "a few weeks to coordinate care is safe. It is unlikely there will be tumor progression."

Lipofilling during breast reconstruction appears to be safe

Today, MSN and HemOnc Today both covered a study which found that lipofilling, or transferring fat tissue from the abdomen to the breast during breast reconstruction, appears to be safe. Previous studies found that fatty tissue may spur cancer cells to multiply. The current study found no significant difference in five-year recurrence rates between women who had lipofilling and those who did not. Researchers cautioned that it was still too early in the follow-up to draw definitive conclusions. Further research is needed.

At, we'll continue share developments in breast cancer research. Please browse our Treatment pages for the latest news and research on all test and treatment options.

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