Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breast Cancer News Weekend Update: May 7 and 8

As usual, breast cancer news was a little light this weekend.

Cure Today covered the one research development, a German study which found that goserelin (brand name Zoladex) does not prevent ovarian failure from breast cancer chemotherapy.

Although the scientific breast research news was a little light this weekend, there were a couple of less scientific stories relevant to the breast cancer community.

First, The Los Angeles Times reported that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is working on draft disclosure labels for health insurance policies. When complete, the labels will disclose the expected patient out-of-pocket costs for standard maternity, diabetes and breast cancer treatment, based on average national prices. In a California study, patient cost for breast cancer treatment was $4,000 under one plan and $38,000 under another with similar deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. The goal of the new labels is to help consumers make informed choices about health insurance.

An Arizona ABC News affiliate published a interview with a breast cancer specialist about how to talk to children about cancer.

Finally, on Mother's Day, The Boston Herald ran a story of a mother who dealt with breast cancer while pregnant.

This week, will continue to update breast cancer news daily. Please stay tuned.

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