Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Breast Cancer News Daily Update: May 5

Today's breast cancer news addressed the long term cognitive effects of breast cancer treatment and long term benefits of meditation and yoga.

First, The New York Times covered a study which found that the foggy thinking known as "chemo brain" may last five or more years after treatment. Although the patients in the study were treated for blood cancers, the researchers said their findings were "likely to apply to breast cancer patients" and others undergoing chemotherapy.

Cure Today shared results from a study which showed that meditation and yoga had a positive impact on quality of life and stress levels years after cancer diagnosis. More about meditation, yoga and other complementary therapies, such as aromatherapy, art therapy and hypnosis, can be found on the LATESTBreastCancer Mind-Body Connection menu.

Celecoxib, brand name Celebrex, was in the news today as a potential new breast cancer treatment. Dutch researchers recently reported their findings that the anti-inflammatory induced a molecular anti-tumor response in patients scheduled for breast cancer surgery. This was a short, preliminary study. For now researchers "can only speculate" that longer treatment would result in "measurable tumor shrinkage as well."

From the biology labs, researchers in Spain published a paper describing how BRCA1 gene mutations influence progesterone receptors and progesterone gene expression. The connection may explain how BRCA1 mutations lead to the development of breast cancer. According to the story published in Medical News Today, understanding how BRCA1 genes act may lead to improvements in breast cancer treatment and prevention.

Also in biology, Canadian researchers discovered a protein that inhibits the spread of cancer cells. The discovery could lead to therapies for preventing or limiting breast cancer metastasis.

Please check back tomorrow for more breast cancer news and for highlights from this week's research publications. At, our goal is to keep you posted.

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