Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Breast Cancer News Daily: May 11

Lately, breast cancer news has been making headlines. Several media sources pick up interesting stories and create attention-grabbing headlines to attract readers and Tweeters. News articles cover stories from different perspectives. At, we read it all. We strive to share the most scientific coverage of a story and include perspectives from reputable sources so that our readers can come to their own conclusions.

For example, yesterday, several sources reported on the benefits of parsley with titles such as "Parsley, Celery May Fight Breast Cancer." We tried to be objective in our blog coverage with a link to the press release which provided the details of the study. (Many of the news stories were based on this same press release.)

Today, coffee made headlines such as "Study: Five Cups of Coffee a Day Could Prevent Breast Cancer." In the study, Swedish researchers found an association between "high daily intake of coffee" and a "statistically significant decrease" in estrogen receptor negative breast cancer among postmenopausal women. BBC News, US News & World Report and WebMD covered the study from different perspectives.

Late yesterday, there was media coverage of positive results from a study of a genetic test to predict response to chemotherapy. We've been following this test for years. You can read yesterday's press release, Bloomberg News and US News &World Report coverage on the Response to taxanes (Nuvera) page of our website, as well as a story from 2008.

At, you will find links to breast cancer news in two places. On this blog page, we highlight daily breast cancer news developments on all topics. On the treatment pages of our website, you will find links to all news about a treatment option under the news tab. (For example, see our Arimidex (anastrazole) page.)

For subscribers, news items on treatment pages are filtered so that only the ones most relevant to them show. Of course, subscribers can see all the news anytime on this blog, or by clicking the "show all options" box on a treatment page. On our site, just about every option, including drugs, tests, imaging, radiation, surgeries and complementary therapies has news tab with links to years of relevant news.

Our goal is to keep you posted.

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