Monday, May 9, 2011

The Breast Cancer News Daily: May 9

At, our breast cancer news updates come from many sources. We follow several reputable newspapers, health publications, medical journals and websites daily. In addition, our readers send us links to news items of interest. Reader input makes this blog better. It helps us to focus on what interests you most. It allows readers to share news with others in the community. It is something we encourage and welcome.

Today's breast cancer news features two stories. The first, about breast cancer risk and prevention, we found on our own. The second, about a potential new treatment for mouth sores, was sent to us by a reader.

Today, The Telegraph (UK) reported that the World Cancer Research Fund estimated that 42% of new UK breast cancer cases, about 20,000 a year, could be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices. Recommended prevention measures included drinking less alcohol, exercising more, maintaining a healthy weight and eating less sugar and red meat. The story included a cautionary comment that these measures will not prevent breast cancer in everyone because "genetic and environmental factors can also play a part."

This morning, a reader shared a cnet News story about a new treatment, the WARP 75, being studied by NASA to treat chemotherapy or radiation-related mouth sores known as oral mucositis. The WARP 75 uses light energy to soothe pain and discomfort. The treatment is undergoing the FDA pre-market approval process.

We'll continue to provide daily updates in breast cancer news. If you have a story to share, you may comment on this post or send me an email at You may also follow me on twitter (@ann_latestbc) for breast cancer news updates throughout the day.

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