Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Breast Cancer News Daily Update: May 4

Today's news had to do with everything but breast cancer treatment. Topics included screening, risk and a test for recurrence.

First, there was a bit of breast cancer screening news. CBC News and Medical News Today covered a Canadian study about the need for new screening methods to detect an aggressive breast cancer that develops between mammograms. US News and World Report revealed the results of a mammogram poll. Apparently, women in their 40s want and continue to have mammograms despite the controversial 2009 US Preventative Services Task Force recommendation that screenings start at age 50 for most women. Two-thirds of the women polled were unaware of the USPSTF recommendations. The story noted that the American Cancer Society continues to recommend annual mammograms for women in their 40s.

On the topic of breast cancer risk and prevention, researchers at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center found that the use of breast shields during CT scans decreases radiation to breast tissue by 38%. Interestingly, they noted that the delivery of 1 rad to a 35 year old woman increases her lifetime breast cancer risk by 13.6%. A single CT scan delivers at least twice that dose.

For breast cancer survivors, an ABC News affiliate published a story and video about a potential new test for recurrence after breast cancer treatment. In a recent study, the VeraMarker-BCR Breast Cancer test detected recurrence 13 months earlier than standard techniques in 55% of women with recurrence. An October 2010 news article with more details can be found on the VeraMarker-BCR page of our website. Researchers hope the test will be commercially available late this year. We'll post any new developments on our website.

At, we'll continue to publish daily breast cancer news highlights. Please stay tuned!

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